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© swiss e-waste competence.

swiss e-waste competence

The 4 WEEE-Operators Switzerland has one of the best established e-waste management systems worldwide.

Both producers and consumers have today a convenient, proven and cost efficient disposal service at hand.

It was built over the last two decades based on private / industry initiatives and now covers the entire range of electrical and electronic consumer products.

The system is currently managed by the responsible producers (manufacturers and importers), organized in four so called producer responsibility organisations (PRO) which handle specific categories of e-waste for their voluntary members:

Icon PC

SWICO Recycling Guarantee: The unit of the Swiss Association for the Information, Communication and Organisational Technologies (ICT) handles mainly waste ICT and consumer electronics (CE) such as personal computers.

Icon Refrigerator

SENS: The Swiss Foundation for Waste Management, handling mainly waste electrical appliances and electronic equipment such as fridges. 

Icon Light-Bulb

SLRS: The Swiss Lighting Recycling Foundation handles exclusively lighting equipment such as tubelights.

Icon Battery

INOBAT: The Lobby for Battery Disposal handles exclusively all primary and secondary batteries such as those for mobile phones.